Siam Park Tenerife

Siam Park Tenerife - The Facts!

Tenerife water park, Siam Park is without doubt one of Tenerife's most popular attractions. With it's thrilling water rides, tranquill beach, and themed restaurants, it offers something for just about everyone.

Get the most from your visit to Siam Park:

Tickets: Buy your tickets on-line if you can. You will save money on the normal admission price. These tickets also mean you don't have to queue outside the Park. If you decide to buy your tickets at the gate, take hats and suncream to help protect you from the sun! You can get the cheapest tickets from Siam Park Tenerife or here if you prefer the UK site for Siam Park Tenerife.

Tickets are valid within 90 days of purchase and do not have to be used on the day specified at the time of purchase. At the Park, you may be asked to prove that the tickets are yours, so it's a good idea to take a copy of your passport or other ID. (Not originals).

You can also get the latest Voucher Codes for online tickets here. Voucher Codes for Siam Park

Water Slides: If you are going to use any of the water slides remember that you will need to remove watches, necklaces, bracelets etc. This is for health and safety reasons. You can rent a locker, but consider leaving jewellery at home.

Towels: You can rent them from the Park. Alternatively you can take your own.

Food & Drink: The Park do not encourage you to take your own food and drink. You may be refused entry if you are cought!

Non Swimmers: It is not necessary to be a swimmer at Siam Park. Each ride leaves you in less than 3 feet of water where there are trained lifeguards on hand to assist every person (swimmer or non-swimmer) out of the water.

Twin Ticket Customers: If you buy the twin ticket which allows a day access to Siam Park and a day access to Loro Parque, then it is not expected that you try and visit both Parks in 1 day. The idea of the twin ticket is that you visit the Parks on different days. You can read more about Loro Parque here with some Loro Parque reviews.

Hotels / Accommodation: Wherever you stay in Tenerife, you will not be more than about an hour away from the Park. The South of the island has lots of hotels which are within walking distance of the park (although there is a free bus service too). The five star Sensatori Tenerife Resort is around 40 minutes away by car/taxi.